Missing all the fun cars from last summer.

Well another summer is here and it is passing by so fast, but we have had the most beautiful and nice summer so far in Sweden.

I do miss all the nice roadtrips and fun cars and amazing people from last year but still enjoy the summer. I have to share some nice memories from last summer with @atlanticroadtrip and @gumball3000 :)

So far this summer I have been enjoying our summerhouse with my dad, cat and family, nice walks with dogs and Maria and also spending time with friends at parties:) I have had the nice evenings by the lake and we have also been traveling to Marbella to our new home. We look forward to spend some more time there.  In Marbella we got to meet with nice @pernillawahlgren and @benjaminingrossowahlgren at @occorestaurant. I have also enjoyed my time at work where I have the best and nice colleagues:)






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